How to Make Instagram Story Ads Successful

Instagram stories are becoming a major part of the average Instagram users’ life, by creating successful ads you reach a growing breed of consumers – but how exactly do you make a successful Instagram Story ad?

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Know Your Audience

This may sound obvious, but knowing your audience is such a vital step to creating the right campaigns. It influences who you advertise to and how you advertise to them. Once you have decided on your audience, think about how best to advertise to this audience.

Stick to Your Brand

Following on, your ads should be identifiable to your brand, this not only means including branded logos but producing adverts that are true to your brand and its values. Think about the tone you want to emulate in your ads, as this will influence how people view your brand.

First 2 Seconds are Key

As people skip ads within the first couple of seconds of seeing them, these seconds count. A successful ad will have the key message/image within the first 2 seconds of the ad. If people like the first couple of seconds it encourages them to watch the rest of the ad, therefore making them more likely to interact with the ad the way you want them to.

Clear Call-to-Action

A successful ad will direct people to what you want to achieve, e.g. an ad promoting a new product line will direct people to browse and buy their new product line on their website. The call-to-action should link directly to the website page associated with the ad, allowing people to browse what you have offered in the ad.

Poll Stickers

By adding poll stickers onto Instagram Story ads you can encourage viewers of the ad to interact with the brand. This can help create a positive image and lasting memory of the brand. According to Instagram 90% of the beta campaigns with the polling sticker feature performed better than those without.


Adding sound to your Story ads can add an extra layer to your ad. According to Instagram 60% of Stories are viewed with sound on, taking advantage of this may help increase positive interactions with your ad. However, it is important to ensure that the ad content follows without sound as well, as there is that percentage of people who will not view with sound.