New features:

Support for multiple account management

In the previous version of Bing Ads Editor you could only download one account at a time, so you would have to wait for each campaign to download before you could move onto the next (very frustrating!). You can now download multiple accounts and work on however many other previously downloaded accounts at the same time. You can also add as many accounts as you like in the Account Manager window!

Support for multiple account management also gives you the ability to copy and paste across accounts. This means you can copy keywords/ads/campaigns from one account to the other very easily.

It’s got a whole new interface

Bing have improved the design of Ads Editor 11.0, making it more user-friendly. Here are a few key changes:

  • They’ve added a new type list to the left panel which organises Campaigns, Ad Groups, Keywords etc. better than the previous version of BAE. This new layout enables you to get to the things you want to work on quicker and more easily.
  • A ‘sorted tree view’ is now available in the left panel, which sorts your campaigns/ad groups, automatically putting those that are active at the top of the list, allowing you to get to your active campaigns more quickly.
  • BAE 11.0 shows the search criteria you have entered for advanced search right below the search bar. This means that the type list shows (clearly) the number of matching results out of the total counts.
  • The advanced search window has been cleaned up and made more intuitive.
  • The advanced options for different items are now located under Advanced Options which is above the manager pane, rather than being at the bottom of the Editor Pane as blue links.
  • The login has been simplified, so you can now just enter your username and BAE 11.0 will automatically figure out what you’ve entered, direct you to the right window and prompt you to enter your password. This is much easier than remembering whether to sign in with your Microsoft account or Bing Ads username!

Find out more about Bing Ads Editor 11.0 here or install it here.