Introducing Our New Team Member: Emily

Emily is our new digital marketing apprentice, she is joining the team to undergo a year-long apprenticeship scheme. She will be participating in an online-provided apprenticeship course called Intequal, the first for us, which allows her to take part in virtual classrooms from the comfort of our office.

About Emily

Emily is a 21 year old Sociology and Social Psychology graduate who studied at the University of York. She decided to take a career path down the digital marketing route due to her interest in trends and data analysis. During the period between graduating and starting at Blue Thirst Emily worked to generate money to fund a volunteer placement abroad in Bali, which commenced in November 2018. This placement focused on marine conservation, an area that she is passionate about, whilst also aiding the teaching of local school children in the area.

Academic Interests

Throughout her academic career she has focused her interests on the sociology and psychology of behaviour – why and how people act. This has led her to have an increased focus on inequalities, which she highlighted in her final year dissertation examining the impacts of whiteness in beauty standards. While her higher education was focused towards social sciences, she has continued to enjoy mathematics and science which were at the centre of her curriculum throughout secondary school and sixth form.

Non-Academic Interests

Emily likes to regularly exercise, going on frequent cycle rides in the New Forest. She appreciates art and often draws. She loves music, she attends a lot of different music events spanning all genres – her particular favourite are electronic, drum and bass, and disco. Animals play an important role in Emily’s life, she cares about the ethical treatment and conservation of animals. Emily enjoys travelling and experiencing different countries and cultures, most recently she has travelled around Bali and Australia and plans to visit countries all over the world.

Emily in Bali, adding to the marine conservation feature wall
Emily in Bali, adding to the marine conservation feature wall

Goals and Future Aspirations

Emily is keen to develop a career in digital marketing. Throughout her apprenticeship she is looking forward to combining expert academic learning with high-quality on-the-job training. Her goal is to become an account executive, reflecting all of the training and experience she gathers. She is looking forward to being part of a sector that is dynamic and flexible, progressing into a digital marketing career where she is encouraged to reflect and adapt to all possible challenges.