You’re Losing Out On Potential Consumers.

Is your business marketing towards and reaching all potential consumers? Now in 2021, 3.80 Billion people have access to a mobile phone (more than 1 billion more users than the past 3 years!), that is a potential of 3.80 billion consumers for your business, are you sure you’re reaching as many as you can? With more than half of any internet shopping traffic coming in from a mobile device, it’s important that anything you create for your business is optimised for mobile viewing, otherwise you’re losing out on lots of potential audiences.

Website Optimised for Phone Viewing

It’s so important for the future that your business’s website and marketing strategies cater for mobile phone users. It’s a known fact that users accessing the website from their smartphone or tablets have a higher ecommerce intent than ever before, and with a prediction of there being around 7.33 mobile users by 2023, it’s only going to increase more. Even bolder than that, the World Advertising Research Center believes that by 2025, 72% of all internet users will be accessing web pages solely via smartphones. If your website isn’t phone friendly, then that’s a potential of 72% of future customers you’re going to lose out on.

Now you’re armed with that knowledge, you need to ensure your website creases an experience that is seamless for your audience. A shocking 84% of users have experienced difficult completing a mobile transaction, which can drive that conversion away to a competitor. It’s difficult to understand what’s best for your customers experience, because we know too little information leaves the customer unsatisfied, yet too much information can become overwhelming and look elsewhere. Some key examples we can underlie when customers are likely to not enjoy their experience are:

  • Complex buying process, too many steps to get to the sales can encourage the customer to abandon the transaction.
  • Unable to contact the company. Do you have all your socials and contact options clearly visible on your site and easy to access?
  • Not being able to find their products seamlessly, if your website has multiple pages, make sure they’re logically laid out so they can be found easily.

Marketing to join in with current and upcoming Mobile Trends

We now understand why it’s important that you’re optimising yourself for mobile audiences. However, trends on the web are a fantastic way for engaging with that mobile audience, and its becoming more and more important for businesses to comply with. If you don’t, you’re likely losing out on a lot of potential mobile consumers, whom remember, have the highest ecommerce intent. It’s important to understand your demographics and finding out what sort of channels they use, so you’re marketing your businesses content to the right audience.

Video Content

Video is the current most trending content on the internet. Video marketing is speedily becoming a content that translates into marketing and is becoming a huge steppingstone to marketing success. 84% of people say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video, according to a survey by Wyzowl.

A huge video consumption app, known as TikTok, has approximately 1 billion active users across the world. It’s a huge platform that your business needs to jump on, creating either organic videos joining in current popular video trends to raise brand awareness or paid advertisement videos which you can guide users’ traffic to your website!

Here is an example of a business taking advantage of TikTok video trends to increase their traffic and brand awareness, with call to actions as their captions:


Sometimes hats can be tacos too. Did you see it? @f0urbr0thers #iseeataco #tacobell #taco

♬ original sound – Taco Bell UK

Not just TikTok though, multiple other platforms, such a Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and others, videos are the most engaged with content, it’s a fact that people would rather watch a video than read a post, especially if that video is relevant to them and appeals to them.  Make sure your new marketing strategies are implementing video campaigns because they are evolving and they’re here to stay

Implementing Mobile Payment

With Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and PayPal becoming extremely popular and used on day-to-day basis, are you ensuring your business supports these payment methods?

Mobile payments offer customers as well as the business faster transactions, which means sales can be made in less time. Since mobile users are likely to shop on their phones, their form of mobile payment method also helps add to their seamless experience on your site. And you and I both know a seamless site experience means a better chance of a sale! 😉


Overall, its extremely clear that smartphones and tablets are going to be the main form of traffic in the future for any business avenue. Make sure you’re taking extra steps to ensure your business is mobile-friendly! At BlueThirst we already specialise in taking measures to keep up to date with our marketing strategies, ensuring they work to increase success, we want to make sure your business is also doing as much as you can to optimise it for mobile current and upcoming mobile users! Get in touch for specialised marketing strategies and options tailored for your business needs.