Each month, Facebook Advertising roll out new features to improve the platform and make actions easier for users. Let’s take a look at the most recent features…

1. Automated rules update

Facebook have release new updates to automated bidding, were machine learning algorithms can adjust bids for ads automatically. New metrics have been released, such as ROAS and Metadata conditions. Alongside this, advertisers can now set a custom rule schedule and automated rules.

2. Ads reporting update

This new feature will make custom reports easy to access and build. Advertisers will be able to build reports using a ‘drag and drop’ action and see custom metrics in the report.

3. Combining Ads Manager and Power Editor

Facebook Advertising have finally merged these two features into one interface, which remains as Ads Manager. This change has been slowly released over the past months but is now in-place globally. The aim of this was to create a simplified, fast interface that advertisers can create their campaigns in.

4. Facebook Analytics mobile App

The Facebook Analytics app was released earlier this month, available to mobile users on Android and iOS. This app allows advertisers to look at campaign on the data, with features including the creation of custom views, insights and audience data.

facebook analytics on mobile

A reminder of great features already available…

With these new updates being rolled out, it’s important to keep in mind the great features we currently have access to.  Firstly, Facebook has intricate targeting options from behaviours, interests and demographics. From this, you can achieve more detailed targeting to reach the most specific audience groups.

Secondly, there are a huge variety of ad formats for advertisers to use. To list a few; standard image/video, carousel ads, slideshow ads and collection ads. These ad types can be chosen to suit your campaign objectives. If you are looking to sell a selection of products online, a Collection ad is great to showcase multiple images of the products.

Lastly, the Facebook Pixel. This opens up a whole host of new features to advertisers using real-life data. You can create Remarketing audience lists, track on-site conversions and learn more about your audiences. The Facebook Pixel is easy to implement. You’ll need to get the section of code from Ads Manager and put it into your website and you’re set.

This was a overview of the newest features to Facebook Advertising, with a recap of the excellent current features. Which features will you use in your campaigns?