Does your brand have value for your customers and your business?

It’s 2020 and now, more than ever, consumers want brands to add value to their lives. They want brands who provide great products, brands that are knowledgeable and brands that stand by their values. The world is more politically and sustainably charged than ever before.

Great Product

Your product should add value to your consumers. Does it make them happy, make their lives easier or just plain make them look good? With Brexit looming and the potential financial effects this could have on the country – people aren’t spending like they used to. This is why your product really needs to stand out this year. Even better if your product supports the trends of 2020: sustainability, climate change prevention or veganism.

Brand Knowledge

Know your market and your products. Consumers want to buy from brands who know what they’re talking about. You should know why your product is the best of its type. You should know your industry and you should be up to date on changes in your industry. This builds up a trustworthy appearance to your consumers. Your knowledge on your industry will show consumers that you’re the experts.

Brand Values

In the politically charged climate of 2020 it’s important to be aware of the big conversations going on. From the politics of Brexit to the importance of climate change. Consumers value brands who are willing to stand and be counted for what they believe in. Don’t get me wrong, not every brand feels comfortable with this, and you can have brand values without getting political. But particularly around climate change and sustainability there are things we can all do.  These areas of values are currently most important to young people, think 16-30. If this is your audience, don’t disregard the things they’re passionate about.

In Summary

Consumers spend their money with brands who share their values and brands that add value to their lives. Awareness outside of your own product is crucial to engage with younger audiences. While you’ll also drive higher brand loyalty by producing a high-quality product and engaging with issues your consumers care about.


The main trends of 2020 are sustainability, veganism and climate change prevention. Below are a few examples of brands successfully tackling these trends head on to grow and protect their businesses.


Grace Beverley, an Instagram influencer and a former Oxford university student, launched her activewear brand TALA at the end of 2019.

We Are Tala Brand Shoot

A brand whose mission is to be on-trend, inclusive, sustainable, affordable and honest.  The activewear is currently made from 92% recycled materials while staying affordable with a pair of leggings costing just £40. More can be seen on their sustainability here:


2020 started for many with a Veganuary challenge and big brands jumped on board.

Mcdonalds released their veggie dippers, Greggs added a vegan steak bake alongside their vegan sausage roll, KFC released their vegan Quorn burger and Subway launched their meatless meatball marinara.


Switching to veganism has a number of pros:

  • Helps animals
  • Some people lose weight by making the switch
  • Reduces meat production – therefore reducing pollution

The increasing range of options is encouraging more people to make the switch, but it’s not for everyone.

Climate Change

The global opinion is that we’re heading towards disaster if we don’t start to actively tackle climate change. With a rise in ‘plastic free’ shops popping up to challenge the big name supermarkets, people are trying their best to do their part.

Co-op are targeting 100% recyclable packaging by summer 2020, while Asda, Tesco and Waitrose are trialling plastic/packaging free products in some of their stores.

Plastic Free Shopping