In 2020, LinkedIn is the top B2B social platform with 660 million users worldwide. Over the years it has evolved from a strictly business platform to a more relaxed professional networking platform. This means that company pages aren’t held to the highest regard anymore. In fact, we’ve seen a lot of LinkedIn users say that they aren’t interested in seeing posts from brands. They’re more interested in the people behind the companies. This is where the need for a professional personal brand has developed.

There are a number of popular ‘influencers’ on LinkedIn including Richard Branson and Melinda Gates. But there are also a lot of smaller business owners now making a name for themselves as individuals in their industries. This is the best way to gain reach for yourself and your business. If people like you and what you stand for, then they’re more likely to want to work with you and your business.

Now you might be wondering how to build your own personal brand on LinkedIn, so we’ve put together the following tips.

First, make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date. Have you included all the study you’ve done, all the places you’ve worked, a tagline and a customised header image? Where possible it’d also be great to use a professional headshot as your profile image but think about smiling rather than going for a steely gaze. Your profile is the forefront of your personal brand, it should work to illustrate the kind of person you are and what you have to offer the industry.

Second, putting out original content can illustrate your position in your industry, your personal beliefs and the value you add to the industry. This can be anything from articles to a short text post. This can all be seen by people who visit your profile – if you aren’t set to private. On that note, if you’re wanting to build your personal brand it’s a good idea to loosen up your privacy restrictions on your profile. If you allow people to see more about you upfront then it allows users to be informed when deciding to engage.

Lastly, make sure you’re engaging with other people’s content. You should be connected with other people in your industry and by engaging with their content your profile will be seen by other users. This is also a way to illustrate your knowledge and interests by engaging with content that you find interesting. This will bring you a suitable audience who will be engaged with your own content.

Now you are setup to get building your own personal brand. It won’t happen overnight, but if you stay consistent, you’re sure to see growth. Head over to LinkedIn to get started: