Blue Thirst Case Studies | B&Q - The largest home improvement and garden centre retailer in the UK and Europe, and the fourth largest in the world

Sector: eCommerce – DIY

Who Are B&Q?

As you are probably aware, B&Q are the largest DIY retail chain and home improvement company in the UK, and the fourth largest in the world. They sell a vast range of fantastic products to really help make decorating your home easy and efficient. Gorgeous lighting, dream bathrooms and kitchens, any colour paint you could think of – you name it, they’ve got it.

What Did Our Client Need?

  • To ensure their new site would perform well in organic search
  • For us to work with their development team to ensure that the new web platform was a sound, future-proofed foundation in which to build a large search engine presence

What Was Achieved?

  • Integrated with their existing technology partners and worked seamlessly with them
  • Provided technical assistance on SEO issues
  • Created a technical spec for their new site
  • Reviewed all new template designs
  • Reviewed all code as it was written
  • Provided support and advice on integrations such as Schema, Open Graph protocol and Twitter cards throughout the build process


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