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Blue Thirst Case Studies | Pet Air - Flown over 12,000 pets all over the world since 2004

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Who Are Pet Air?

Pet Air are experts in the safe and correct exportation of your pets. It is run and owned by fully qualified veterinary surgeons, and they pride themselves on providing the best care to its clients and their pets (they have more vets and vet nurses in the team than any other pet shipper in the world!). You really are in the safest of hands with Pet Air; they are professional and extremely experienced, having flown over 12,000 pets across the world since 2004.

What Did We Achieve?

SEO – We worked closely when Pet Air migrated to the newest version of their site and upgrade to https. We are currently planning out the next phase of the site to further improve organic traffic.  Pet Air have experienced a 59% increase in organic conversion since starting work with Blue Thirst.
PPC – We took the PPC campaign over from a large London agency and we were straight away able to make improvements to the account and structure. Within the first month this resulted in a 30% reduction in cost and a 40% increase in conversions.

 What Did Our Client Think?

“Blue Thirst work on a 100% commission model with us. There are a lot of agencies that talk the talk in pitches and proposals, but Blue Thirst were the only agency confident enough in their results to take payments solely on the improvement that they make. If they don’t achieve sales over a certain volume and under a certain cost, they don’t get paid. Every month so far they have surpassed the targets set, increased conversions, and lowered the cost per conversion. They are really helping to grow my business.”

Bob Ghandour, Director of Pet Air

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