Sector: Automotive

Who are they

Wizzle provide a fast, easy way to sell your car online. All that is needed is a registration number and you get the value of your car. Wizzle were sick of hearing about people getting ripped off when selling their car. From your Bugatti to your BMW, you can sell your car with Wizzle.

What did our client need

Post Lockdown Wizzle goal was to dominate the car buying marketing place.  A long-term client of Blue Thirst now tasked with a new mission to grow car buying leads as quickly as possible post lockdown.

Blue Thirst originally started working with Wizzle ins 2018 and have been proactively working on the account to increase the number of car seller leads generated by their Google Ads campaigns.

Since the lockdown started easing Wizzle engaged Blue Thirst to help them bounce back as quickly as possible and re-establish themselves as a leader in the car buying space.  The account has strict performance and cost per lead targets.

Since Blue Thirst has been working on the account they have doubled the number of new customers Wizzle were getting from their Google Ads program before the lockdown.  Blue Thirst have built, deployed and tracked new Ad Campaigns and have increased new leads volume by 98% and decreased the cost per lead by 45%.