Sector: Automotive

Who are they

Wizzle provide a fast, easy way to sell your car online. All that is needed is a registration number and you get the value of your car. Wizzle were sick of hearing about people getting ripped off when selling their car. From your Bugatti to your BMW, you can sell your car with Wizzle.

What did our client need

Wizzle have been working with Blue Thirst for some time now, originally coming to us to boost the number of car uploads and brand awareness of their services.

We needed to deliver leads to the client at a below-target cost-per-lead to make it profitable for their business.

Our approach was deployed in a phased structure. We took over the account with existing campaigns that were further optimised, updated and changed to work for Wizzle. Using custom built scripts and API’s, we were able to be clever in the way that we altered campaigns based on all affecting factors.