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Who are Row?

Row are a competitively priced gadget and appliance insurance company who truly value their customers. You can insure anything from your iPhone to your oven, always at a low cost. They are a UK based company with a UK call centre (in lovely Bournemouth!) so they are always able to efficiently sort out any enquiries you may have, process your claim quickly and are easy to access. If you’re thinking about getting a gadget insured, they really are the best place to go.

What Did Our Client Need?

  • Previously, they needed to change their domain and their brand as they diversified their range of insurance policies from their initial offering of mobile and gadget insurance. It was important that when changed there was no loss in organic traffic rankings.
  • Blue Thirst have built and managed a PPC campaign on a 100% commission basis. If we don’t achieve below a predetermined COS target each month, we do not get paid. Blue Thirst achieved a 300% increase in numbers of conversions and a 50% reduction is cost of sale.
  • We have worked closely with the development team to test new page layouts and messaging in order to increase the sites conversion rate. Since we have started our testing we have seen an increase in conversion rate of 66%.

Was Was Achieved?

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What Did Our Client Think?

“We commissioned Blue Thirst when previous agencies had not been able to make campaigns bring in an acceptable return within our very competitive sector. Very quickly, Blue Thirst were able to get the AdWords cost of sale under control.  Since the initial launch we have massively grown as a business and now offer a much wider range of services; Blue Thirst have built profitable campaigns across our whole portfolio of products.”

Richard Waters – Managing Director of BIG Warranties Ltd

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