After the 30th June 2021, Facebook Analytics will no longer be accessible. This gives advertisers less than three months to export their data and find another solution.

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    This announcement was published in the Facebook for Business help center, without much in the way of actively informing anyone. However, if you now navigate to, you are redirected to the announcement. They offer no explanation as to why this tool is going, but they do offer their other business tools as alternatives.

    Facebook suggests that users turn to Facebook Business Suite, Ads Manager or Events Manager. However, the reality is that users will need to use a combination of the three to match the abilities of Facebook Analytics.

    Facebook Analytics was used to connect Facebook Page data with Facebook Pixel data. This allowed businesses to connect a path between people who interacted with their page and then made a purchase on their site.

    However, this data has been harder to come by because of the iOS 14 update which gives users the choice of whether or not they want to be tracked.