On Facebook there are over 70 million active admins running Facebook Groups worldwide. Facebook wants to make it easier for admins to manage and build their communities.

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    The first way they’re doing this is with an ‘Admin Home’ feature. This is a simpler destination for all admin tools, settings and features. Using this feature, admins can easily see what needs their attention, they can find key tools more easily and access new features that come out in the future.
    Facebook is also implementing new tools to help moderate conversations and conflicts. Comment moderation is being added to the Admin Assist tool. This will allow admins to set up specific criteria which can automatically moderate posts and comments. Admins will be able to restrict people who don’t qualify to participate, reduce promotional content with specific links and use Facebook suggested criteria to defend against spam and conflict.

    Features related to this which are currently testing include Conflict Alerts. Which uses AI to alert admins to conversations which may be coming negative. There is also Comment Slowdown, which will let admins limit how often specific members can comment or how often comments can be made on specific posts.