Firefox are launching their brand new Total Cookie Protection. This is their latest bid to protect user data.

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    Total Cookie Protection has been built into their Strict Enhanced Tracking Protection. This new feature will work to confine cookies to an individual cookie jar. The idea of the ‘cookie jar’ means that third-party cookies will have the data it collects confined to a cookie jar of its own. This is meant to prevent tracking from following users from site to site.
    Strict Enhanced Tracking Protection already blocks cross-site cookies, social media trackers, cryptominers and fingerprinters. If you choose to enable Strict Mode then it will also block content trackers in all windows. Strict mode will make websites load faster, however it may break some site functionality where tracking has been put into place.
    To enable Strict Mode you need to click the shield on the left of the address bar. Then click protection settings and select ‘strict’ under Enhanced Tracking Protection. You will then need to reload all of your tabs to implement your new settings.