Google wants to help searchers better understand the search results before they click. They are launching an ‘about this’ feature to teach searches more about the results they see.

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    On mobile there will be 3 dots in the top right corner of each search result. Clicking this will trigger the ‘about this’ result for that link. This feature can tell you where the information is coming from, trustworthiness of the site, if the site is secure and whether or not it’s a paid listing.

    Google has said the best use of the tool is for times when you haven’t heard of a site before. The tool can give you additional information to ensure it’s a safe site and give you peace of mind when using the web.

    This tool is still in BETA and has been in testing for over a year. Google has said they will continue to update it based on user feedback. Currently this is only available in US search results.