Google has updated the product data specifications for Merchant Center.

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    The requirements for product data specification ensure that all data, which is submitted to Merchant Center, is formatted appropriately. This will allow Shopping ads and organic Shopping listings to perform their best.
    Each year these specifications are updated to improve users’ shopping experiences.

    Some of the updates this year include:

    Checkout Price Enforcement – Google will now verify pricing throughout the checkout process to ensure that the Merchant Center price matches the final purchase price. This policy already existed, however it’s now being actively enforced.

    Region-Specific Shipping Times – Sellers can now define shipping times for specific regions at an item level. These new sub-attributes will apply to paid and organic Shopping listings.

    Backordered and Preorder Products – Within the availability attribute, sellers can now specify if a product is backordered or on preorder.

    Big, Tall and Plus Size – A size attribute has been added so that clothes sellers can differentiate their clothes types. This will improve the Shopping search function for users