Microsoft is improving access to three of their audience targeting options just in time for Christmas campaign planning.

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    In 2018 advertisers in the US were granted access to audience targeting using LinkedIn profiles. This allows you to target users based on job function, industry and company for Search and Audience campaigns. This has now been made available in Canada, the UK, Australia, France and Germany. It may seem like an unconventional way to think about targeting Christmas ads but if you have a niche or premium product it may be helpful to think of job function and industries in terms of disposable income and interests.

    If you’re an eCommerce brand then Microsoft’s dynamic shopping remarketing is fresh out of beta. This will allow you to serve shopping ads to visitors based on products they viewed on your site. Soon enough customers will start to research presents for themselves and gifts for others. This feature will allow you to retarget your products to them when they become ready to purchase. Ideal to boost your Christmas sales. 

    It may only be September, but it’s important to start thinking of your Christmas strategy early. These new targeting options could definitely benefit you this festive period.