Microsoft Bing is making their search results more visually pleasing and immersive. This update applies to a range of their different search features.

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    The first update is their new infographic style knowledge panels in search. These are designed to provide style and substance. Next is an update to their local search. When you search for local answers you will now see an interactive Bing map, top images and visitor reviews.

    Thirdly, they are implementing expandable search carousels. These will show you a carousel of answers with high-level information. If you want to see more about a link just hover over it. Bing Images will now have a similar looking item tool, with this you will be able to click on an image to see other similar images.

    Lastly there will be recipe results with expandable information. This feature will aggregate the most important page content in one single view. You’ll also be able to choose the number of people you’re serving and see the exact ingredients for that quantity.