Microsoft has been hot on releasing new features over the last few weeks. Now they’re introducing private searching and price comparisons.

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    Microsoft is empowering publishers to give customers a privacy-first experience. This is a feature hosted on Azure which incorporates a private search proxy. Essentially, Bing would never receive the searched search term because it’s passed through anonymising software. This is designed for use by their search partner network, and is currently in use by Duck Duck Go.

    They are also introducing a new beta for price comparisons in the Microsoft Edge browser. Microsoft Edge already has a flyout panel which shows discount codes. This same format is now in beta for price comparison. This price comparison feature is eligible to users who have populated their Merchant Center feed and are running shopping campaigns. These ads will be shown within the Microsoft Edge toolbar when users are browsing product pages. As it’s currently an experimental feature, Microsoft will not be charging advertisers for these clicks.