Facebook is releasing 4 new Ecommerce features to help businesses get their products seen and increase sales.

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    Facebook has reported that 74% of users are using the platform to discover brands and products. So now, Facebook is implementing more features to expand this process and encourage purchases on the platform.

    First, Facebook Shops are going to be added to more places. Facebook Shops were already eligible to appear on Instagram and Facebook. But now, businesses in the US will be able to choose Marketplace as a placement. Whatsapp is also available in many countries for businesses to showcase their entire shop. Businesses only need to set up their shop once to be eligible to show in all placements.

    Next is customer reviews. Over the coming months Instagram will start showing customer reviews in Shops. This feature will include written reviews, photos and videos. This is designed to enable customers to feel more confident when purchasing on the platform.

    Facebook is also launching a new personalised shop ad type. This will enable advertisers to personalise customer shopping experiences on the platform. These ads will send customers to products where they’re most likely to make a purchase based on their previous shopping history.

    Lastly, Facebook is expanding their AR try on feature. They are developing a new API to make it more cost-effective for brands to use AR in their catalogs. AR will also be coming to a new ad type which will encourage users to try on products based on their interests.