Facebook wants to give users more control over their experience on their platform. They’re doing this with three new features.

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    This update will allow Facebook users to control who can comment on their posts, filter their news feed for more relevant content, and learn more about the recommended posts they’re shown.

    Users will be able to restrict comments at an account or individual post level for public posts. They will be able to select who is allowed to comment on their posts from these options: public, friends or people & pages mentioned in the post. To apply these settings you just need to click the three dots at the top right of your post. Then click ‘who can comment on your post?’. Anyone not included in your selection won’t see a comment button on your post.

    The news feed filters will allow users to filter their feed by favourites or most recent. With the favourites filter, users can choose up to 30 profiles and pages that they most want to see. Manage this in your settings, under news feed preferences.