Microsoft have recently announced a ton of new features.

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    First they have announced API support for Google Ads imports. This is going to increase the variety of automation and customisation available. Microsoft has said that this will take pressure off developers because they will no longer need to manually build out features.

    Coming soon, Microsoft will be introducing customer match. This will allow advertisers to upload a customer list and then target those users using the Microsoft Search or Audience network. There will also be a brand new extension type – Flyer Extensions. Advertisers will be able to use these to attach a ‘flyer’ to their ads. This is designed to drive higher engagement and promotion visibility. This is an extension type that’s unique to Microsoft Ads.

    They have also made updates around Responsive Search Ads. First they have implemented countdown customisers, these allow advertisers to include countdowns to specific dates in their ad copy. As well as this, Responsive Search Ads are now the default type for new ads.

    Microsoft is driving hard at implementing new features to try and pull advertisers to the platform.