Facebook has seen a rise in audio across their platforms. They want to make it easier and more fun to share sound clips and fun familiar sounds.

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    The first thing they’re doing is building a new set of audio creation tools. These new tools will allow you to record like a pro. With new audio technologies for accurate speech-to-text and voice morphing. Advances in AI will also allow you to add music as a background, to drown out any background noise you might not want. There will also be the ability to mix audio tracks, use sound and voice effects, and filters.

    Soundbites is Facebook’s next step in entering the Social Audio space. These will be short-form audio clips, ideal for capturing anecdotes, jokes, poems and more. They are expected to begin testing in the next few months before becoming available to everyone.

    Facebook will also be introducing Podcasts to their platform. Over 100 million Facebook users are connected to Podcast related pages and groups, but to listen to them, you need to leave Facebook. Over the next couple of months, this is set to change. You will be able to listen to podcasts while using the app and when the app is in the background.

    To encourage creators to use these features there will be monetisation options, including an audio creator fund to kickstart Soundbites.