Pinterest will soon be launching their new creator code. This is a brand new policy developed to keep Pinterest a positive place.

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    It will be mandatory to accept this new code before creators can post pins. The creator code rules are:
    Be Kind – Ensure content doesn’t insult or put others down.
    Check Facts – Make sure information is accurate and factual
    Be Aware of Triggers – Practice discretion when posting sensitive content
    Practice Inclusion – Never intentionally exclude certain communities
    Do No Harm – Make sure any call to action is safe
    As well as this code, there will be new content moderation tools. There will be positivity reminders, to help users adhere to the guidelines and reconsider offensive comments. Creators will be able to remove comments and filter specific keywords. Creators will also be able to feature up to three comments to highlight positive feedback. There are also new spam prevention signals which use machine learning to delete spam comments.