Shopify is allowing businesses to have more control over their site’s SEO by being able to edit their robots.txt file.

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    Every Shopify store initially has the same robots.txt file which typically works for most sites. Store owners can now edit their robots.txt file by blocking certain crawlers, adding extra sitemap URLs, adding crawl-delay rules and allowing or disallowing certain URLs.

    Shopify recommends using their specially designed liquid template to makr changes. This way it will be automatically updated. To do this you need to go to your Shopify admin. Go to online store and themes. Select actions and edit code. Then you want to click add a new template and select robots. Click create template and make your changes. Then you need to save the changes in your published theme.

    Shopify has warned users that this is an unsupported feature, which means their support team can’t assist if you make a mistake. This tool should be used with caution.