TikTok video editor is a new online smart editor which gives you access to a whole host of TikTok-style editing features.

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    This new video editor will allow you to quickly product content for TikTok. It includes access to popular music, fonts, colours and more. You’ll also be able to easily add subtitles, crop assets and cut scenes.

    To use TikTok video editor go to ‘Create a Video’ in your TikTok Ad Manager dashboard. It can also be used from the ad creation menu. You then need to upload your assets and start dragging them onto your timeline to begin editing. Once you have your assets in order, you can add sound and text. After you have your video in order, you can add transitions and more edits in the post-production section.

    This tool is designed to improve ads and business content on the platform. Throughout the editing process you can toggle the TikTok masking to make sure your assets are always visible.