As a brand it can be hard to figure out how you can tap into TikTok trends. After listening to business users, TikTok found a common challenge faced by them.

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    To solve this problem, TikTok have created the Business Creative Hub. This is a brand new, in-app resource which is available to all TikTok Business Account users. It offers advice for content creation and incorporates a stream of trending content.

    The Business Content Guide is a business cheat sheet to help businesses easily get the hang of promoting their brand on TikTok. There are tips for content strategies, storylines and video shooting. There is also advice on making the most out of a TikTok business account.

    Video Showcase is made up of 3 curated feeds. These include content which has been popular in your country over the last 30 days. These feeds are Trending: Business, which is trending content from other business accounts, ranked by likes. Engaging: Business which is similar to trending, however this time content is ranked by engagement. The third feed is Trending: Community, which shows content from all account types and is ranked by likes.