TikTok are releasing a new music effect to add new dimensions of creativity.

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    This new effect is powered by real-time music processing technology. This results in visuals and transitions which move to the beat of any song in the TikTok library. These effects will be available in a new tab called ‘music’ in the creative effects tray.

    Music visualiser is the first music effect to be available to TikTok users. Music visualiser will track the beat of your chosen sound and animate a retro greenscreen landscape to the beat.

    Other upcoming music effects are: music machine, which will offer tools to create your own beats; delayed beats, which will sync still images to the beat of a song; text beats, which will allow the creator to add animated text overlays that are in sync; solid beats, which will add vibrant visual effects; and lastly mirror beats, which will align display transitions with the beat.