Twitter is adding a new profile button so that users can sign up to people’s newsletters.

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    This feature is designed to make it quick and easy for people to sign up. This process will be enabled by Revue, a newsletter company that Twitter bought in January. After signing up, users will receive their chosen newsletters to the email their Twitter account is registered with.

    The subscribe button for this feature will appear underneath mutual followers on profiles. Twitter will show the newsletter name, a description of the contents and how many subscribers there are. After clicking the subscribe button, users will be prompted to confirm their subscription or read a sample issue before they give out their data. Users will also receive an email where they need to confirm their subscription. This will help to prevent any accidental subscribes.

    This feature will be rolling out to Revue account holders and you will be able to activate from your Revue account. Revue allows publishers to offer paid subscriptions. Therefore this might be another step for creators to monetise their Twitter platforms.