If you advertise financial services on Google, you must meet their requirements by August 2021.

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    From August 2021, financial service marketers in the UK will need to be verified by Google. This is to prevent scammers exploiting the Google platform. The main goal is to protect users from fraud. This is accompanied by the global expansion of advertisers having to verify their identity.

    Financial advertisers will need to complete a 2-part process. First they need to apply for verification through the UK Financial Conduct Authority Authorization. Then they will need to submit identity verification documents and their UK FCA authorisation. The policy will be updated on the 30th August and enforced from September 6th.

    It’s essential that you comply with this policy. If you don’t, you will first receive a warning with 7 days to make amends. If the issue isn’t fixed in 7 days, your account will be suspended.