YouTube Community Posts allow creators to publish Instagram style updates to their subscribers. However, when these first went live they were missing some features that are now being added.

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    First, YouTube is finally adding analytics for community posts. Creators have been requesting analytics so that they can determine the return-on-investment of their community posts. Now in YouTube Analytics, creators will be able to see impression and engagement rates for these posts. They will also see how many times their posts were shown and how subscribers interacted with the content. This is currently only available on desktop, but it will be coming to the Studio Mobile app in the future.

    The next feature is multi image community posts. Creators wanted the feature to better compete with other platforms. With this update, creators will be able to use 5 images in a single post, rather than just one. This feature is initially exclusive to Android, but it will be expanded to iOS and desktop this year.

    The last update is community post scheduling for iOS. This was already available to desktop and Android users, so now all creators should have access to this feature.