Bing have recently released their new Webmaster Tools. The new portal has a responsive design to provide users with flexibility across devices. Along with this brand new portal they’ve also added new tools, including a URL Inspection Tool, Site Scan and Robots.txt tester. 

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    The URL Inspection Tool is a new BETA feature on their Webmaster Tools platform which allows you to inspect the Bing indexed version of your URLs. This will allow you to detect indexing issues and what has caused them. This will allow you to ensure your website is fully searchable by Bing so that you can get organic traffic to every page on your site. 

    Site Scan is an on-demand audit tool. This crawls your site and checks for common technical SEO issues. This won’t just benefit your ranking on Bing but on other search engines too because it will allow you to improve your site performance as a whole. 

    The Robots.txt tester allows you to check your robots.txt file is using the same parser used in production by Bing. It also allows you to verify that URLs have been correctly allowed or disallowed by Bing. 

    Overall these features will really contribute to the technical performance of your site. Although they’re intended to improve your ranking in Bing, some of these tools will help improve your performance elsewhere too. Not only have they added these new tools but they’ve also enhanced their previous tools on their Webmaster Tools platform as well. 

    Read the full announcement on the Bing Blog.

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