Hi everyone and welcome to another week of Digital marketing news, the UK is slowly starting to open back up we are seeing more and more competition coming back into the market.  The sun is shining and hopefully next week they are going to open campsites again and I can’t wait to go camping.  We have some great news this week with new ad formats from YouTube, Google giving aways free traffic in September and much much more enjoy.

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    I know it is only the end of June and with everything that has happened in the last couple of months Christmas is the last thing on everyone’s minds.  It is however on its way and last week Google released its annual 2020 Holiday Playbook.

    Direct Response Ads Come To YouTube

    Get Free Ads On Google Maps

    TikTok explains how the TikTok algorithm works

    Facebook explains in more detail how it chooses which ads to show

    Time to start getting ready for Christmas

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