Facebook has implemented a number of changes and updates to how we can run ads during this time.  It is worth knowing if you are planning or running campaigns that everyone is aware of limitations at this time

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    Facebook Ads Approvals 

    We have not noticed a big change in speed or accuracy of ads approvals but they have messaged saying that there may be delays and errors in ad reviews.   

    Rob Leathern (lead of the  Trust & Integrity team for ads & business products at Facebook has announced that due to a reduced workforce of ad and monetized content auditors Facebook will be relying on more automated technology, this may lead to increase numbers of incorrectly disapproved ads, delays to appeals and more limited availability of Facebook in-stream ads and lower delivery .  

    It is recommended that more time be allowed for these approvals to take place and where possible extend live ads don’t edit until new ads have been approved..  Basically if you have an ad and it is working don’t touch it!

    Facebook Bans Certain  Ads types

    There has been a total ban on masks, hand sanitizer, surface disinfecting wipes and COVID-19 test kits in ads and commerce listings.  

    Store Traffic Objectives have been paused

    Store traffic campaigns are temporarily been disabled.  This means that you cant currently create any new ads with the store traffic objective, and store traffic objective campaigns that were running have now been paused.  You cant optimise existing ads for store sales or store visits. You can however still view your store visits and store sales results in ads manager and review data from previously live campaigns