Facebook has formally announced its page monetisation plans.  They are live and you can sign up for them now.

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    If you run a page an want to see if it suitable for Facebook it is quite simple, log into: 

    • Go to Creator Studio
    • On the left, click the Monetisation tab
    • Select the Page you want to check
    • Click Apply
    1. Green: Your page is good to go
    2. Yellow: Should be ok but might have some issues
    3. Red: It’s not having it but the tool will give you a list of things to fix.

    There are basically 4 ways in which you can monetize your page:

    1.  Include Ads in your videos.  This is all done automatically the tool can identify natural breaks in your content or you can even choose where you want the placements to happen
    2. Fan Subscriptions – You can make your page a subscription only page this means that fans can directly fund it though monthly recurring payments.  ( this is currently invitation only by Facebook)
    3. There is a tool within Facebook called the Brand Collaboration Manager.  This is the portal where Brand can work directly with pages to product mutually beneficial content.  Currently open, you just need to request access through your page.
    4. Subscription Groups.  Very similar to a page subscription but this time it is for a group on Facebook.

    Facebook is a little bit vague about how the payments are calculated but it is an interesting update.  There always was an effort for content producers trying to get their followers onto YouTube as traditionally this was the easiest channel to monetise.