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    Facebook released a press release stating that since COVID-19 was declared a global public health emergency, they have been taking aggressive steps to stop miss information and harmful content

    In January on both Facebook and Instagram educational pop ups started appearing. Directing people to information from the world health organisation and the center for disease control.  Similar educational pop ups are made then a users interacting with a COVID-19 hashtag. Facebook says that through these initiatives they have directed more than 1 billion people to sites official sites

    Facebook says it has been actively removing content that could “contribute to imminent physical harm” since 2018  Some of the posts removed include false claims about cures, treatments and the availability of essential services or location and severity of outbreaks.

    Facebook also says it is working with a network of over 55 fact checking partners in over 45 languages to debunk claims.  They have also launched a $1M grant program to increase their capacity at this time.