Facebook has been banning small business ad accounts. We’ve even had issues with some of our ad accounts being disabled for no reason. 

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    Millions of advertisers have been relying on Facebook to run their business due to the pandemic. Facebook has provided sales opportunities that have kept some businesses afloat. However, their content-moderation software has really shown a flaw in their systems. Hundreds of advertisers have had their accounts disabled for unknown reasons, there have also been limited support options because of the pandemic and users have been left frustrated. 

    At a critical time of year this has shaken business owners who rely on the power of Facebook advertising. A digital marketing firm also had to cut jobs due to some ad accounts being down for 6 months with no feedback from Facebook. The issue with having one disabled ad account is that it works as a black flag to you as an advertiser. So for agencies dealing with this issue, it doesn’t always influence just one client. 

    Facebook is going to have to address these issues, before advertisers move to other platforms.