Microsoft has partnered with Shutterstock to improve your ad reach and performance. Microsoft believes that with the right images, your audiences can create a quality connection with your target audience. However, if you’re frequently using the same images then it’s likely you’re missing out on opportunities. That’s why Microsoft has partnered with Shutterstock to give you free access to over 320 million high-quality images.

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    With these images you can easily run campaigns to achieve the best performance, your ad setup will be much quicker and you can more effectively communicate your brand with specific imagery for your unique goals. 
    The stock images option is currently rolling out to advertisers in the United States and the United Kingdom who are part of the Microsoft Audience Network beta. To join the beta you need to contact your Microsoft Advertising account manager or use the contact form to request access. Once you’ve requested access the beta should be live in your account within 1-2 weeks.

    Check out the Microsoft Advertising Blog for the full announcement. You can also use this form to apply for access to the Microsoft Audience Network beta.

    Free Stock Images with Microsoft Advertising