New Free Tool From Google To Check Your eCommerce site experience has been launched

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    Google has launched it’s ‘Grow my store’ initalive and has emailed each of its eCommece customers a link (sometimes multiple times) to a new review tool they have launched.

    It is quite a neat little tool and shows you how your store stacks up against other similar stores on things like:

    • Product information
    • Personalisation
    • Fulfilment
    • Customer Service
    • Security 
    • Mobile Performance 

    If there is something missing like “free returns” as part of  their “flexible fulfilment” score there are some simple tips on what to do to improve your score.

    If you are new to eCommerce or just want a top level review for the 5 minutes it takes to setup it is quite an interesting report.  You will probably be more likely to get the funds for say a live chat facility if you tell your boss “Google” recommended it.