We have compiled Google new rules to make sure you don’t get caught up in the new COVD 19 filters

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    Google Ads Online & Phone Support

    Google ads has pulled a lot of its phone support.  There are warning messages over the whole system warning that some Google Ads support options might be delayed or unavailable at this time.  I have found that getting more dynamic ad formats approved is hard at the moment. Text ads updates for me have been relatively unaffected.

    Danger Terms for Adcopy & Keywords

    Google has described the current situation as dynamic and recommends the following actions be careful around use of  certain words. It recommends words like “protection”, “checkup”, “prevention” or “virus” might have double meanings. I would recommend not using any of these terms in any adcopy at the moment.  

    Update Your Delivery Data

    Google has  also recommended that you review your service delivery. For example can products still can be collected in store? They have also recommended that you to review your current estimated delivery times to ensure they accurately reflect your current capabilities.

    Review Your Media Assets

    Google ads have also recommended that you review any media assets that you are currently using For example, think about the appropriateness of images and videos that show large gatherings of people or human interaction.

    Update Your My Business Opening Times

    They have also recommended that if you business hours have changed or you have temporarily closed locations to reflect this data in your Google my business page .

    In my opinion Google is being very clear about what it is and isn’t going to allow over this time period.  Going forwards the verification process is going to be done more automatically and in my experience be a little inaccurate, so i recommend airing on the side of caution with any ad content at the moment