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    Google & Facebook are fighting on multiple fronts, eCommerce with Facebook Shops & Free Google shopping ads.  One of the areas that Google has always been a bit weak on has been content discovery.  Normally you go to Google with a question or something you want to do. It is not really somewhere you go to hang out online is it?  

    Today we are looking at Google Discovery Ads vs Facebook Ads

    Google Discover ads – These are a relatively new ad format from Google and they are all about having large images. They won’t show up on SERPs.  Google did test an ad-variation called Gallery Ads for search last year but they have not continued to release them.  So, if they are not in SERPs where you can see these Facebook style ads? Well they are on the YouTube homepage, the view next video and also in the discover feed on the Google app. They are also in gmail and a few other more obscure places.

    I do quite like the Google Discover feed but I don’t really use it that much. I just don’t use the Google app for much, I use chrome but never really the Google app. Same with YouTube rarely to I visit the YouTube homepage. I think I personally will only ever really see Google discover ads on the next video at the end of a video play.  Even then I rarely watch a YouTube video to the end.  I’m not sure these are going to work.

    A Google App widget where I could make this feed on the homepage on my phone would work. It would probably use this as most of the recommended content is generally of interest. If some well targeted ads showed here i could see this working but right now today. Not sure Google Discover Ads are going to be ground breaking.  

    Google have been trying to break into the social space for years now. Facebook is definitely winning this war at the moment. What do you think?