Google is releasing a new property type, until now you had web (websites) and app and they kind of worked in two almost completely separate ways. It was always a pain to track how the app and the website interacted with each other and if journeys moved across multiple platforms maintaining data integrity can also be a bit of a pain.

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    All this has apparently been solved with the new property type Apps & Web,  still in beta at the moment.  It also has some cool new audience features.

    The new system offers that ability to answer questions like:

    Which channel is responsible for most new customers across different platforms?

    How many total users to web apps and site have I had today?

    Total conversions from all platforms.

    There is also good insight to be gleaned about how users interact with the website and app, this data has up until now been hard to stitch together.

    The Apps and Web property also have the most flexible event based tracking so things like page views, download, video views can be set up with no extra coding needed.

    All of the stangaged analytics functionality is present.  You can create custom reports using all the data from both your app and site in the same report, create funnels that show how users interact with you platforms during the conversion process, and from this you can generate path analysis so that you can see where journeys are breaking down.

    There is a new beta in this new property type and is currently not available in the standard Google Analytics but I bet it will be soon, where you can use Google’s AI data to create audiences. These “likely to” audiences, and some that have been given as examples are customers likely not to visit in the next 7 days, customers likely to make a purchase in the next 7 days.  This predictive analysis and dynamic audience generation is a very exciting development and hopefully will roll out into standard GA accounts soon.