At the start of September Google began notifying advertisers that there would be changes to the search terms report. It stated “we are updating the search terms report to only include terms that were searched by a significant number of users.” Their reasoning for this was to improve privacy, they gave no other information in regards to this update. They have also failed to indicate what counts as significant users.

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    Advertisers are concerned that they currently see search terms with 1 click. By hiding search terms that aren’t considered significant, you’re also hiding the spend on those terms. One agency did the math and found the 30% of their budget from the last 180 days was used on 1 click search terms. By taking this data away, it reduces control over keywords and budget. 30% is a large loss of control for potentially irrelevant terms. It could have a huge impact on businesses of all sizes. 

    Before this is fully applied to Google Ads accounts and before the Christmas period, you should go through your account search terms and really determine their relevance. Negative out irrelevant searches before you’re no longer shown them in the report.