Google have been making a lot of updates to Google Search over the last year. This has been to make sure that all results are reliable and not just relevant. In recent months Google have aimed to fact check web content and adjust auto-complete policies ahead of the US elections.

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    Auto-complete options have been adjusted to be more conservative, so that users aren’t auto prompted incorrectly. Google’s BERT AI has also been updated to be able to fact check news stories. Fact check labels have been shown over 4 billion times in 2020 alone. Google are now working closely with Wikipedia to detect false editing, as this information is used to power Google’s knowledge panels. Lastly, Google is able to detect breaking news searches more quickly. It now only takes a few minutes when previously it would take in excess of 40. 

    These changes don’t directly affect advertisers or consumers. But it’s good to know that Google is participating in the fight against fake news.