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    Google have rolled out combined audience targeting for search

    Some advertisers have started to see combined audience targeting options when creating search campaigns in Google Ads.

    These audiences work by allowing you to layer audiences using and, or and not directives.This will allow advertisers to target audiences to more granular level than before.

    This tool will help you to only target the exact audience that you want. If you work in a niche this will be a great tool, there’s no longer a need to spend money on broad audiences when you can filter out certain interests from your chosen audience.

    So, imagine you’re running a rock climbing wall and you want to target after school events.

    You can now target the keyword, after school events. But you could choose only to target people with an interest in rock climbing, and have kids between the certain age that you want to target.

    So what this allows you to do is broad your keyword targeting out but keep it relevant, by targeting only the audiences within that keyword who would be interested in your product or services.

    audience image