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    Google Hotel Ads – Pay Per Stay – Hotels can advertise on Google ads and pay per stay based on a % of booking fee.  Does your hotel take advantage of this?

    There is a little known program in Ads for hoteliers.  Currently called commission per stay but was know as Google hotel ads commissions program or pay pr stay, is a bidding strategy that allows partners to pay only when the guest stay has occurred.  We run ads in a similar way in other verticals with out google help, ie charging either % or revenue generated or a cost per lead rather than a media and management cost and it works.  So the way that the tool works is you set a % of booking value that you are happy to pay Google for every booking, the system then converts this ot a max bid price  and targeting etc for you ads.  At least once per month the hotelier uploads a report contain stays and then the hotelier is billed.  There is a new filter that allows you to deploy Free Cancellation offerers directly in you ad and still work with this system being rolled out.