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    Google maps released last week on the 21st of May, which was Global Accessibility Day a new feature for Google maps.  Google maps boats 1 billion active users every month and over 5 million apps and websites that use its data.

    Google estimates that there are 130 million wheelchair users worldwide and more than 30 million American alone that struggle using stairs.  To help, Google has released a new “accessible places” feature.  

    This is going to be important as not only people in wheelchairs have problems with accessibility, so do people with prams, or users with other movement issues.

    If people now search for your product or service and they want these accessibility such as accessibility parking, seating or toilets.

    So if you have these how do you make sure that you are given the exposure in Google maps?  The first major point is that you can give this data to Google through your Google My Business Account.  The other important thing is to clearly sign post these services not only for but particularly for the users that need them, and also the Google Local Guides Scheme (there are 120 million of them!). Many not have needed these facilities but by making them clear and obvious they will hopefully remember you had them in the survey.