Google have launched a new ‘people cards’ feature in Search. When you search for famous people you’re shown a knowledge panel that’s organised with information from trusted sources. But when you search for someone who isn’t famous, there’s nothing. 

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    Google is looking to change this by trialling ‘people cards’ in India. People cards are a new virtual ‘business card’ where you can highlight your website or social profiles. You can also add some more information about yourself. 

    To create a people card, sign into your Google account and search “add me to search”. From there you can complete the prompts to get setup. Only one people card is allowed per Google Account and a phone number is required for authentication. This new feature is great for influencers, freelancers, entrepreneurs etc.

    There is currently no sign as to whether this will be rolled out to other countries. But it may be an interesting feature for people starting out in business or freelancing to give a more professional view of themselves.