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    Google Premier Partners: Eligible Users

    Google recently announced a change to the requirements necessary for the Google Premier Partner badge, including needing 50% of eligible users on a manager’s account to earn the appropriate certifications. Google has released a list of reasons to clarify why there may be client accounts included as eligible, these are: they use personal email accounts, they use email addresses with your company domain and more users than necessary have access.

    Google suggests replacing personal email accounts in the Ads manager account to those that have registered with the Google Partners, asking clients to use their own company email domain address and give those who don’t need as much access read-only and email-only access as these won’t be counted as eligible.

    With this advice advertisers will hopefully be able to reduce the list of eligible users to a manageable size and those who are relevant will be able to earn the certifications. Even so, it is still quite a big change that some advertisers may find hard to meet.