Skift research recently published that nearly 90% of travel marketers have slashed their marketing budgets due to COVID-19.  We have linked to their full document on our website which is really interesting reading which tries to answer the question “How can travel CMOs and their teams navigate through the crisis and come out stronger?”  Slowly as travel companies start advertising Google has released its research into how this market has changed.

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    We know that Google collects a lot of data about us. Some of this is shown in the mobility changes reports that are broken down by country and last updated on the 25th July.  (links to data on our website).  In the UK data we can see. *COVID-19 Community Mobility Report United Kingdom 25 July 2020 

    Retail & Recreation saw a 40% reduction.  Although this is slowly returning to the baseline.

    retail and recreation trends

    Supermarkets 16% reduction

    supermarket and pharmacy trends

    Parks increased by 25% 

    parks trends

    Public transport -37% reduction

    public transport trends

    Workplaces -15% reduction

    workplaces trends

    Residential 6% increase 

    residential trends

    In the report Google talks about large changes in consumers search terms, terms such as “cancelled flight” and  “can I cancel my flight” increased 15x in March compared with January.  Check out Google trends and research changes in behavior in your market.

    Some of the other stand out statistic from the report are:

    • Terms around “virtual tours” have seen 500% increases in searches
    • 25 -35% of travellers are going to plan their first trips will be to nearby locations
    • Safety is at the forefront of expectation with 32% of respondents saying “enhanced hospital grade cleaning” would make them more likely to book a stay.

    We have put a link to the full report on our website. Worth checking out if you are in the travel marketing industry.